How to Setup Printer Sharing on Windows 7 For Use on Windows XP

How to Setup Printer Sharing on Windows 7 For Use on Windows XP

How to Setup Printer Sharing on Windows 7 For Use on Windows XP

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Printer sharing on windows 7 is essential when you have a USB printer or parallel (LPT) printer. more recent printers may have or a LAN connection for sharing with multiple computers. through setting up printer sharing, you're permitting different networked computer systems to attach and print.

let's start with putting in place windows 7 for printer sharing.

1. click on "start" and open "manage Panel", then click on "gadgets and Printers".

2. proper click on the printer you would like to proportion and click "Printer properties"

3. choose the "Sharing" tab and checkmark "percentage this printer", then click on "follow"

4. pick out the "protection" tab. if you are putting this up for your self or you agree with all the human beings at the network click on "superior". pick out each person and click "do away with". click "add", superior, then "discover now". discover absolutely everyone in (RDN) and click "adequate" twice. Checkmark all the boxes in the Permission entry window, then click "good enough". Now it have to say full control for every person. click on "ok" twice.

5wireless. click "begin" and open "control Panel", then click "network and Sharing middle". To the left click "trade Adapter Settings".

6. right click the adapter that you are the usage of at the network and choose "properties". Double click on "internet Protocol version four (TCP/IPv4)".

7. choose "Use the following IP address:". We need to change your IP settings from DHCP to Static. in case you do no longer recognise what to put here, right click on the adapter you are the use of on the community and click "repute", then "info". For the IP address kind the numbers you notice underneath "IPv4 cope with". as an example, you can see some thing like you could additionally use the equal subnet masks and default gateway you spot inside the details window. due to the fact we've chosen to "Use the subsequent IP cope with:", "Use the subsequent DNS server addresses:" has now emerge as vital. Fill in "favored DNS server:" with the default gateway IP address and the "alternate DNS server" with the "IPv4 DNS Server" address you spot in the information window.

8. In "community and Sharing center", to the left, click on "trade superior sharing settings". Scroll all the way down to "Password blanketed sharing", underneath "home or work", and make certain it's far set to "flip off password protected sharing".

This concludes the Setup of the windows 7 gadget. we are able to now turn to the home windows XP gadget to setup the printer for sharing. There are two ways to try this.

For printers with community motive force setup, like maximum HP drivers, just follow the stairs to hook up with the network printer when you load the drivers. The drivers to your printer can more than likely be discovered at the venders website. If not, you will should search them out or use a comparable fashions driving force.

For printers that handiest come with the neighborhood USB driving force setup, observe those steps.

1. join the printer to the windows XP system. deploy the windows XP drivers for that printer.

2. Run a take a look at print to make certain the printer is functioning at the windows XP machine and then reconnect it to the windows 7 gadget.

3. click "begin" and open "control Panel", then click on "Printers and Faxes". proper click the printer you have got just introduced and choose "residences".

4. click the "Ports" tab, then click "add Port" from the bottom of the window. pick "preferred TCP/IP Port" and click on "subsequent". click on "next" at the Welcome to the add standard TCP/IP Port Wizard page. type "\" observed by the IP deal with of the home windows 7 system (example: \, then click "subsequent". click wi-finish and you are all executed. proper click the printer and visit "houses" to run a take a look at print.

As you could see, it is viable to proportion a USB or LPT printer on home windows 7 with your home windows XP systems. comply with those steps and also you ought to be up and going for walks very quickly.

How To Share A Printer On A Network

How To Share A Printer On A Network

How To Share A Printer On A Network

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creating a shared printer on a LAN enables all customers on the network print remotely with out the need to have a printer immediately attached to their laptop or computer.

to begin you need to enable sharing for the printer this is connected to the one of the laptop's. that is similar to the manner to percentage files and folders.

1. In windows, click on begin --> manipulate Panel --> Printers and Faxes.

2. proper click on on the printer and pick out houses.

3. choose the Sharing tab.

4. make sure "proportion this printer" is selected and provide the printer a name.

5. click the additional Drivers button.

6. select the working systems you need to help to use this shared printer and additionally pick out the alternative varieties of drivers needed in your other laptop systems and devices, then click on ok.

7. whilst triggered, positioned the printer's CD-ROM into the computer and deploy the relevant drivers for every running gadget that you selected.

8. go to My computer and share the CD ROM drive. This if you are prompted when putting in the printer on a far flung pc.

9. home windows reveals those drivers and downloads them to the pc's hard drive. Then, whilst you go to set up the printer for your other computers, the laptop which is sharing the printer automatically transfers the suitable printer drivers and finishes the installation for you.

next, you need to install the shared printer on all networked computer's or laptops:

1. click start --> control Panel --> My community locations.

2. Double click on at the computer that has the printer related to it.

3. Double click at the printer. this may start the add Printer wizard in order to manual you thru setting up the printer. observe the wizard to feature the printer. If the wizard prompts for the printer CD then factor it to the shared CD ROM drive (see 8. above) of the print server.

4. Repeat the primary three steps for all the other networked laptop's.

You should now be capable of print from any of the remote pc's.